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CatDancer Audio Art

Vision Board on Steroids!!

Sound, Energy, Healing & Empowerment = what if you could SEE what your words look like?

You  know the Power of words, and you Know affirmations are Tools of Empowerment. . .

Take it to another level with CatDancer's VoicePrint Audio Art.  Now you can see the beauty in your words.     Make a visual work of art that is totally unique to you~~ every voice has a signature wave form.                       

Use a single word or a group of affirmations. 30 seconds is the maximum file length. You can choose your style and color scheme.    


  Jeannette Maw "Because" GenieBottle Stylemmmmmm30 seconds "Cheetah Purring" Dragon Style mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm             mm

mm                                                                                        (yes that's a 'Proof' over the top) 


 Moussie's Meow - My cat's meow as Art!

Pricing for Prints                          

Single Word:  8" x 10"  $25.00; 11" x 17" $35.00 Recording Included

Phrases, Affirmations (up to 30-second audio file): 8" x 10"  $ 45.00; 11" x 17" $ 55.00 Recording Included

sorry, we don't do framing!

What Next?

Contact me through email or phone - we'll set a time to record you and discuss your preferences for styles and colors. Then we record, you pay, I apply my magic, and Voila!!! You have fabulous Audio  Art!!


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