CatDancer Audio

Audio Editing for the Enlightened



Annette, you are my/our hero! THANK YOU!!!!!

Jeannette Maw, Vibration Management Coach


Many thanks for your skill and gifts
Susan Cohen,


Thank you, you most brilliant woman!
My Mechanic partner is asking "How have you done that?" It really is lovely and clean.
We are both totally impressed!


Mica May,  Wealth Dynamics Coaching


Thanks to Awesome Annette, we now have a clean recording or this call yesterday, with the technical glitches removed.

Suzie Cheel, Law of Attraction Coach


The two recordings you sent were great.  I posted them on the website yesterday.

C Meyers, Chief Sound Editor, Ten Million Clicks for Peace Inner Peace Program



OMG you did such an amazing job with this interview... you did an amazing job with the end!!!!!  YEAH!!!

Christine Hiebel,  Passion Parent Positive Parenting




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