CatDancer Audio

Audio Editing for the Enlightened

Studio Info



Located in Phoenix, AZ, CatDancer Audio boasts:

ProTools, Peak, SoundForge  - and other audio software programs.

Dual Processor MacG4 Tower and Mac G4 Laptop computers process with stability and speed.

 Neumann, Sennheiser and Microtech Gefell microphones;

Avalon, Focusrite and Demeter PreAmps; 

M Audio 1814 18-channel firewire interface; 

Mackie and Midas mixers;

Kurweil K2 VX 67-note keyboard;

Ensoniq ASR88 88-note keyboard;

Korg Trinity rack;

Korg WaveStation SR;

Roland Super JV 1080 with 4 expansion cards - including 2 Orchestra and 1 World



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