CatDancer Audio

Audio Editing for the Enlightened


Basic Rates  

For clean audio: $50 per audio file hour(if your file is an hour long, the basic rate is $50)

Includes file compression, minor edits/ cuts, volume adjustment, file conversion, metatags, file delivery. 


$325 for up to 5 minutes of finished video. Includes minor editing, music and/or Voicoever, project file, finished video delivery. If it's over 2Mgs, delivery will be via CD and snail mail.

Longer videos: depend on amount of editing needed. 10 - 15 minutes approx $500, up to 30 minutes $850.

It takes at least an hour in the editing studio for each minute of finished video. Processing time depends on the length of the video.


CatDancer Audio: click here to send an  email

Phone:  480-516-5027



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