CatDancer Audio

Audio Editing for the Enlightened





I have always been interested in sound -how it works and how it affects people. I have the blessing of mentoring with a professional audio producer for the last 4 years, and have a talent for 'surfin' the waves'.

After studying the Law of Attraction and other Spiritual theories, I thought it would be a perfect fit to combine the two. There are many practitioners who hold radio shows, podcasts, teleclasses and live workshops. Sometimes these really need some clean-up to present to clients and websites. That's where I come in! I enjoy providing a quality product for replays and product sales. The genre of Spirituality is a special one to me, and I am able to experience Joy from taking a raw file to a completed project within a field I truly believe in.

Why CatDancer? 

I love cats, and I love dancing! When I am working on audio files, I feel like dancing afterwards - so -









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